A Unique Farming

New events added

Looking for something different and exciting?
The Cornstown House team have added a new events calendar! Explore our latest and upcoming events to find something new and exciting to do this Summer.

Fancy a coffee or a hot chocolate at the farm? Call any Saturday or Sunday between ten and five and we will be delighted to see you. Open all through the winter.
We will be moving the animals next door and setting up tables and chairs in the barn so you can have your tea and coffee out of the weather. There will still be plenty of airflow so make sure to wear your jacket!

Alpaca trekking in winter

If you would like to do an alpaca trek please make sure to call, email or message us and we will be delighted to introduce you to our friendly bunch and bring them for a walk around the farm with you. There’s always lots to see, even in winter!

The Farmer

Dominic Gryson

Dominic has been a farmer for as long as he can remember. He has always had an interest in sustainability and nature and since moving back to Cornstown House has had the opportunity to develop a farm that is truly in sync with nature.

Dominic grows ancient cereals which have been around since they built Newgrange. With these cereals he is part of a project called Foodcult where they are trying to recreate the beer that was drunk by the stonemasons that built Dublin castle. As part of their wages they received fourteen pints of beer a day!

To harvest these cereals Dominic has invested in a Dania bagger combine so he will be able to harvest each variety of seed separately into bags. You can see this combine, and the other machines used to harvest the grain on the farm, when you visit. 

Want To Walk With Our Alpacas?

Come meet our alpacas and let them take you for a walk along our little patch of heaven – the wildlife corridor. Smell the wildflowers during the summer and watch the bees and butterflies as they dance from flower to flower.

The Other Farmer

Fionnuala Gryson

Fionnuala was a primary school teacher who was always passionate about nature. On retiring she bought two Huacaya alpacas to develop her spinning and weaving crafts. She fell madly in love with the Suri alpacas she saw and hence began the alpaca trekking. The spinning and weaving have been put on hold for a while!

Fionnuala also loves her polytunnel which went up as a Covid project. She uses it to grow the plants for her organic vegetable garden and is really looking forward to this year in the garden.

"Cornstown House is a hidden gem. The Family are so welcoming and we had so muck fun as a family walking with the Alpacas"

– Grainne O’Rourke