Alpaca Trekking


Alpaca trekking  in Fingal.

(Please read our terms of service before booking a trek with us - thank you)

You must be twelve or over to walk an alpaca but you can accompany an adult if you are younger.

Children must be accompanied by an adult - one adult may bring one child.

Come meet our alpacas and let them take you for a walk along our little patch of heaven - the wildlife corridor. Smell the wildflowers during the summer and watch the bees and butterflies as they dance from flower to flower.

You will meet the alpacas in the farmyard and head off for a walk around the edge of the farm to the newly planted forest. Maybe you would prefer to walk along the grey partridge cover strip which was planted all around the front field and see the hawthorn garden with its old water pump and sit under the hawthorn tree and think about how lucky we all are to be able to enjoy sitting under the hawthorn tree.

Meet and greet the alpacas in the farmyard and head off for a leisurely stroll along the wildlife corridor. Smell the wildflowers and watch the butterflies flit from flower to flower as you walk. Notice the Louth stone wall (in Dublin!)  and follow the Mass path as it wanders down beside the hedge. Have a look at the willow plantation growing for next year’s baskets. See the newly planted forest and see can you see the shape in which it is planted! Come back to the farmyard and have a chat with Dominic about his ancient cereal project and listen as he explains all the various machines that were used to bring the crop from seed to harvest. Have a go at grinding your own grain to take home with you or try your hand at carding and spinning the wool from our Border Leicester sheep and the alpacas. Have a go at milking a goat and collect the eggs and enjoy the cup of tea and a scone. There’s always lots to see and do at Cornstown House.